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Welcome Smart is Sexy peeps!

My name is Casey Eisenbach and I’m going to be your fellow doctor on call for the Smart is Sexy ladies and gents. I’m not just any doctor, but a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. It is vital to educate and empower patients to be active participants in their own care, and to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. I encourage my patients to ask questions about their health, because questions make their healthcare a personal journey. The integration of preventative care and overall health is an extremely valuable component of longevity.

Originally a native upstate New Yorker where I received my Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry at Binghamton University, I then followed on this path to California for my doctorate at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Most people walking into my office are looking at the five foot woman in front of them asking where is the doctor? Luckily I am not easily shattered and so I put out my hand to greet them and say, “I am Dr. Casey, Welcome.”

Just the other day a six foot man entered my office and did just about the same introduction. I could see the trepidation in his expression when he discovered that I was the doctor in charge. He followed me into the exam room probably out of curiosity until I did my exam of him and adjustment. Surprisingly, he was relieved of his pain and in awe of this five foot woman who he had most definitely misjudged. Always reminds me of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, funny thing is, when thinking of that saying I never associated me with being the book! But the benefits always outweighs our stereotypes if we are willing to take the challenge. My unyielding confidence never lets me down. Don’t let it get you either.
I’ve come along way and I can tell you that focusing on healthy lifestyle choices and helping others reach their wellness goals are what I do best. It all started with dancing as a little girl, then I moved on to playing soccer throughout my adolescence and well into my collegiate years, while then becoming recognized as Personal Trainer of the Year for two years in a row at Binghamton University, with certifications as a spinning instructor and yogalates classes. As an avid athlete all my life it made sense I was so interested in health and fitness, but I really loved helping others realize their physical strength and mental capacity. Exercise is as much a part of my daily existence as brushing my teeth. As a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine I am able to provide comprehensive care for maintaining the health of the body through proper alignment and nutritional support.

The power of preventative medicine is not just about looking good but feeling the best you can!

I had the opportunity to push my body physically and mentally to a place I never thought possible in 2011 when I competed in my first figure competition. This was an experience that tested my limits, helped build my confidence, strengthen my perseverance and endurance as a female contender in all aspects of my life. I plan to perform in a powerlifting competition in the summer as well as a figure competition in 2016. I never give up no matter how life challenges me and this attitude is exactly what I feel like the Smart is Sexy lifestyle focuses on. Feeling your best to become your best in everything you choose to do!
One of the first things I tackle personally when I get in the zone to bring on my Smart is Sexy attitude is eliminating negativity! I believe eliminating negativity improves your quality of life. A method that continues to help me is something I call the 3 H’s:

Healthy, Happy & Hopeful
“If you’re healthy, you’re usually happy and then you will feel more hopeful of the world you are living in.”

I’ll leave you with 3 ways you can kick-start your daily mental and physical tenacity:

  1. Go, go go! Get out there and do some exercise even for 5 minutes a day.
  2. Check out your diet. What exactly did I eat today?
  3. Is my body giving me everything it has to give and am I giving it back to.

Stay Happy Smart is Sexy Peeps,

-Dr.Casey, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

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Stephanie 1_20140222113105641Dr.Casey is a professional in her field and is provided as a helpful tool to empower yourself with information but is not meant to diagnose or to treat conditions. Feel free to leave comments, questions, concerns down below for Dr.Casey or book an appointment through her website to work one-on-one with Dr.Casey!

12 responses to “The Doctor is In

  1. Wonderful post! After reading it I felt jumping from the chair and conquering the world. Very motivating and exciting. Much appreciated.

  2. Dr. Casey,

    As someone who is bound to a desk all day, what are some healthy choices that one can make to better one’s overall health?

    Thank you

    • When working at a desk, most people do not have a proper desk set up. Some tips for perfecting that set up is to change your screen height and make sure you have a comfortable ergonomic chair. The top of the bottom third of the screen should be eye level and your keyboard should be easily reached where your arms/elbows are resting 90 degrees. It’s also important to make sure you get up and move every hour or so, stretch and get that blood flow moving into your body. Hope this gives you some helpful tips.

  3. This is so cool! I’m excited to for your upcoming post
    Dr,Casey can you do one article on good apps that you have used? are some more intense then others?
    I’m just trying to be more knowledgeable to figure out how to be healthier than what I am now.

    Thank you!

  4. Dr.Casey you are definitely not one to judge by the cover!
    Looking forward to your next articles!

  5. Dr.Casey, I’ve always been scared to get adjustments….what are the benefits?

    • What exactly are you scared of? Maybe a story you heard from a friend or what you’ve read online? I know there can be many accusations about chiropractors and what we do, but like in every profession we differ in overall expertise. As for the Chiropractic adjustments, they are extremely beneficial. Not only do they help with chronic pain, injuries, etc; they are preventative for future problems down the line. The actual adjustment helps restore motion and allow your body to move better, among other things. The actual sound you hear is not the “bones popping/cracking”, but simply air escaping from the joint space. Hope that helps ease some of your worries 🙂

  6. what a cutie! Love what Smart is Sexy recommends!

  7. cool stuff, I’m looking forward to these articles written by a doctor

  8. Dr.Casey you seem fascinating- how did you have time to do everything you have done? What motivates you or what do you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning? MOndays are so hard..for me

    • Well if you are passionate about something you will find the time in your schedule to do it 🙂 I try and start my days off with a positive mindset. I always tell myself today is going to be a great day and any challenges I face will be met with a learning opportunity.

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