Smart is Sexy

 “Smart is Sexy” is a social movement centered around a community that believes the most important investment you can make is in yourself. Nobody can tax it or take it away from you. This lifestyle focuses on featuring information and collaborations that benefit and feed your intelligence so you can make smarter choices and better decisions for a more attractive life.

The online community is a curated space that delivers content through editorial storytelling. This style focuses more on educating the readers and empowering them with information they can take-away and use rather than just advertisement noise or crap. By focusing on providing content that serves as a benefit to our community and readers we can guarantee that this space holds a certain standard that qualifies each feature to be elevated, purposeful, and led by design. What you will not find here are bombarding advertisements and disconnected ads. We filter out the “crap” to be able to provide you a space where you can interact and define your experience for what Smart is Sexy is for you. The Smarter choices you make, the better life you live, the happier you will be.

But we can’t do it alone!

Founded in Malibu, California, the epicenter of a laid back jet set life and the hub of embracing diversity and cultural differences, Smart is Sexy was born to offer behind-the-scenes exposure with insight into a community wanting to unite away from marketing gimmicks and more towards information they could in turn benefit from. The blog features companies, experiences and profiles people with soon-to-be opportunity for the Smart is Sexy community to have direct access to online office hours with amazing individuals. The blog is not only known worldwide for its editorial content and behind-the-scenes glimpse, but also for its empowering focus on education through mentorship and curated events featuring high-end artists, designers and TED speakers. These events are a unique approach to networking amongst like minded individuals while also learning something new.

If you’re scoping us out – You’re a badass, and we like you,

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Xoxoo Beijo!

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