Editor’s Letter

Hey Sexy, My name is Stephanie Marinello.

Thank you for being curious enough to stop by! I want to officially welcome you to the Smart is Sexy Movement. Smart is Sexy™ began as a seed in hopes of finding a solution to a problem I faced until I started to realize I wasn’t the only one. I was having a hard time making choices amidst the ever increasing social marketing campaigns my generation as Millennials faced and the displacement of values that came along with that. Only to realize my best efforts were simply helping me to select the best from the worst. I have always been a person to ask why? A person that strives to better herself everyday, and I did that by acquiring knowledge. If knowledge helped me make good choices and choices represented freedom – how was selecting the best from the worst of any benefit to me or the elevation of my life?

A return to authenticity amidst our current world of social bombardment was born. A return to glamorize the values that raise our consciousness. We’re at an age that the previous mindset is no longer working for us. It’s time for change.

“Just needs a mind shift, and that’s where Smart is Sexy comes in”

If you are anything like me, then you find knowledge in quantifiable research, in experiences, in time spent reading and the people I surround myself with. Knowledge is power, it goes beyond a simple education or a job—it becomes you, it influences the next decision you make, the next meal you reach out to feed your body, how good of a friend you are, how good of a family member you are and how good of a lover you are. If you care about anything, even yourself —educate yourself. 

“Education is power and power never goes out of style”

I want to be transparent with you and bring you along my journey of figuring out what brands, people and opportunities help amplify our voices that align with the core value of “doing well” in this life but not at the expense of others or the earth. With the world today moving at the speed of social, it’s only fitting that social responsibility is part of that too.

Subscribe yourself and I promise not only will I not send you emails with junk, but you will be joining others on a level that have shared values and interests in living a better life today by being better than they were yesterday. If we individually are better, then we contribute to a better tomorrow. Who knows! Maybe one of the emails might just strike your interest to dig deeper. What then, will you do with your expanded perception? 

What’s Sexy? Smart is Sexy.

Join me, let’s turn heads the right way!

Stephanie Marinello
Founder & Editor

3 responses to “Editor’s Letter

  1. Good job, Stephanie! As a university professor, profoundly interested in knowledge, I find your blog’s ideas very intriguing. “Smart is sexy” is not about the instrumental and calculative function of knowledge, but it is about its attitudinal implications. It’s about how knowing triggers positive psychological states which make us feel good, rather than being simply aware of many things. We do need a blog like this in today’s stressful and hectic environment, where we seem to have forgotten the potential effects of knowledge! We need these positive messages that you transfer! Nice blend of contents and images. It’s a thoughtful, stimulating and entertaining blog. Thanks, Stephanie! I am going to enjoy reading your blog and I hope many others will!

  2. the most personally motivating, posts I have read in years!
    This blog is unique because it tries to encompass multiple areas of healthy living. Its different. That’s why it will succeed.

  3. Louis Karim Nebati

    Hey Stephanie,

    I just read some parts of your blog. Who are you? I don’t know you however you seem to be a very interesting person. Your photos are not only gorgeous…There’s a bunch of banal ones from “beautiful girls on FB” sometimes you want to be blind…well you make the difference cause there’s a spirit in your photos. We can feel it. (I would love to illustrate my point in French to be more accurate with words but I’m not a lazy dude Goddammit! )

    I like the way you talk about the desert. I guess you fit the spirit of the desert the way. You have a real inspired attitude on your photos.

    I don’t know if you heard about the desert in Morocco below Ourzazate, M’hamid…I’m writing the name of those magic places, we never know if you land there someday..I guess you will love the music of the silence in this desert.. Please try to land under the sunset, the mountains dance with the lights of the dusk..amazing colors!

    “What I’m reading in March” No way! Are u interested in Black Holes? I don’t want to play the dude who knows a lot of things cuz the more I learn the more I don’t know…paradoxical but true. I will never touch the Beauty of all this big symphony,I know, but I can feel it..

    After reading partially your blog, I can easy say, Yes! Definitely you are a smart person which makes you more sexy as hell and as a matter of fact…I’m not trying to pick you up by saying all this, I just mean it. Keep going, keep being inspired that way! Very good blog, inspiring.
    All my French and Universal respect…you rock mademoiselle Stephanie! -:)

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