Leading the Way with Shonda Rhimes

“What do you do when the thing you love, the work you love, starts tasting like dust?” She asks.

Well, shit. I’m not quite sure but let’s take a moment and… start somewhere.

I’ll start with identifying like-minded people, in the form of those I’m aspiring to become or ones that I admire their outlook on life and from them I begin to source my information. It’s like have pre-screened, years of experience, expertise and intelligence that align with the similar direction I am aiming for, for me to cherry pick from. Generally speaking we call this curated. It’s similar to having that one friend that always seems to know the best spots in town, whether it’s arts, going out, eating, shopping, I mean – what the heck! How do they always know?! The research, the legwork that you would have to do is done already and you love their taste! So yea, naturally you hit up that friend for suggestions and advice.

So I start by sourcing my information through finding like-minded people who share a similar lifestyle, similar mindset. The type of people that define success by constantly looking to grow, adapt and learn. The type of people that add value to others not just their pocket books. The type of people that share their mind, not just their opinions, and talk less about people and more about ideas. Shonda Rhimes is one of those living titans, with a unique perspective, maddening work ethic, endless grace that has come together to earn her spot – making her an awesome example of a #SmartisSexy role model. Shonda Rhimes is making being intelligent look so good, for more reasons than one – watch the video above.

“Work doesn’t work without play…”

Spinning with ideas, listening to her Ted Talk, is how it starts…start somewhere. But where your somewhere is makes all the difference- Shonda Rhimes is the writer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, and is responsible for producing around 70 hours of television per season, becoming one of the most influential icons in Hollywood. Not a bad place to start. It’s not the same as calling her and talking to her like you would if she was your BFF but it’s a pretty close second, listening to her brain unravel on the reputable Ted stage gives you a good example why SMART is SEXY.

For something to be Smart is Sexy, it means that the thinking or logic to accomplish the final result is well though out. It’s authentic. It hits the mark without the use of manipulation. It’s unapologetic. Refined. It’s excellent.

Doing something excellent is empowering, it has meaning and most often then not is recognized. Excellence reeks a certain attraction, a certain liberating attraction. And, why is that so sexy?

You tell me,

Smart is Sexy.

Isn’t there something so liberating when you feel like you have accomplished a goal? When was the last time you felt that way?   Share your thoughts and comments below, I read every one!


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