When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part II

After posting Part I many of you asked me why this theme, why a heartbreak.

Well…it’s not so much of a heartbreak but of a crossroads where we have or will reach in life when we must own up to our decisions. It’s something close and personal and just ours. It is a situation in which you must trust your instinct. Intuition doesn’t lie.

At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how my story is going to go, and I think in the moment that you realize it takes more than Love to be with someone, whatever that is, is the moment you begin to understand yourself a little bit better.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy. Now whatchu think about that…?

Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello

“Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve”

Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello

Stephanie MarinelloStephanie Marinello

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Boy’, Lancome L’extreme mascara and light blush in ‘rose flush’, Swarovski earrings, Club Monaco necklace, rings from Brazil, pants from Mango, heels from Guess, top from BCBG generation

Smart is Sexy, Xoxoo Beijo!


10 responses to “When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part II

  1. I can very much relate to this post. I know the feeling of “love not being enough” and wanting something more for yourself. Something that you know you deserve. It’s hard to make the right decisions sometimes and it’s tough thinking about the “what if’s.” All I know is that in my life I do not regret but I move forward and am thankful for what I have learned. I may be single but I am in the process of starting my own insurance business and if it wasn’t for learning so much about how strong I really am I don’t think I would be able to do it if I was the same person who I was in that relationship 3 years ago. I walked away to have a better me, i’m closer to being that better person but just like anyone i’m still working on so many things within myself. Being single has it’s challenges but I know when i’m ready and I meet the right person, it will all be worth it because I took care of my needs first and now can focus on mine and the other persons needs combined.

    Great post, keep up the good work, love the photos!


    • Bulls-eye Jasmine! Thank you so much for sharing your story, so kickass, I love it when people share their comments and feedback it makes Smart and Sexy so real. Girl i’m proud of you! and can’t wait to support your business, keep me in the loop and thanks for showing others that Smart is Sexy cause that is what you are!
      Xoxoo Beijo! SMS

  2. Lovely post stephieee. I love the royal blue pants!! Wish your hair had a tad bit of its natural volume.. maybe it’s just the weather of the day but regardless you look gorg as always boos!
    In regards to the post.. I feel like I know exactly what you mean! Everyday we are faced with decisions that require us to re-evaluate ourselves and the positions we claim. Love is such a subjective topic and I think that most do not know how to express it as clearly as you have. Keep writing the good stuff!


    • That’s awesome sheila! Thank you, spot on with you’re comment. I love to hear how each one personalizes the post. It’s meant to resonate in each of us and make us reflect. Couldn’t do it without your support Xoxoo Beijo!

  3. I love the quote about the difference between feeling and deserving! Love is such an irrational thing sometimes and it’s hard to view it rationally (i.e., “I deserve xyz even though I feel like I love this person but they aren’t giving me xyz, and thus I need to walk away from this person”), but sometimes we have to think about more concrete things than feelings alone (is this person helping me a be a better person?, is this person comaptible with the physical absolutes of my life?). I like that you are posing that challenge to people. Keep it up!!

  4. Evan Anderson

    So Stephanie.. Obviously it takes more than just love. Similar to the question you asked me last week.. What does it take then? Feel free to tell me in private if that is more appropriate. Great photos! I am looking forward to seeing your ‘next’ chapter ;-DXOXO

  5. Marcia Marinello

    I love the issues that you have raised….personal responsibility, self worth, be empowered and how important intuition is. Interestingly, this article made me reflect, feel proud, and it energized me.
    “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”― Albert Einstein
    xoxo marcia

  6. Steph, so true. For me change is a difficult thing. I hate it, but understand it needs to happen. It’s difficult for a bit, but leads to a better thing

  7. Stephanie,,if you mind,,please going with me to hangout to Blue Point Beach_Bali…for tommorow..
    I’m very glad if you can going with me…thanks a lot..bobby

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