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What We’re Reading This Month


Final month of 2017 has now arrived, and tell me, what will you be reading!?

As the temperature drop, or heat up, depending where you are reading this from, regardless don’t tell me cuddling and snuggling with a book aren’t top on your list! Join #SmartisSexy and our league of rebels in reading this month’s book:

Smart is Sexy for ALS

Thank you for nominating me on behalf of Smart is Sexy to help support and bring awareness to ALS. So naturally in true Cali style, especially being a company from Malibu, California – I took the challenge to where the sun, iconic palm trees and freeeeeeezing cold pacific water meet to show my support. As California continuously battles a drought we thought it would be smart to use the freezing ocean water for the challenge as to not waste any water while remaining authentic to the freezing temperature the challenge called for.
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Born in the USA

Happy 4th of July Sexies!

For all celebrating Independence day in the States, wheather you are traveling to see family, or hosting friends from out of town, today is one of those days to take the opportunity to create and remember some wonderful memories. A perfect way to highlight how we can learn to appreciate what we have by experiencing new things. It’s a good way to establish a basis of comparison. You can do this in many ways, my personal favorite- Traveling.
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Time to Move

Should I stay or Should I go?!

We’ve all been there– we’ve all asked that question. Whether its college, whether it’s time to move out, break-up, or travel.

This post is meant to inspire some wanderlust in your life and to motivate you to create the opportunity to travel. If you have to bum it–I say bum it! Don’t wait for that perfect opportunity or the time in your life when you have enough money. NO! GO NOW! This is something you won’t regret.
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