How Do You Define Yourself?

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Good Morning Smart is Sexy Loves!

This 3 min video is an awesome experience to visually demonstrate the power of the brain. We may never recognize that we are short changing ourselves with the way we think—until proven wrong. So how will you EVER prove yourself wrong?

Perhaps not until you SEE it for yourself. Watch what the power of visuals can do…

I challenge you to stray from the obvious concept in the video– recognizing beauty in the form of confidence, self-esteem etc. Nah, we kick the obvious out! Here at Smart is Sexy, we break stereotypes and elevate the Status Quo.

We all know that our minds have tremendous strength and influence over a large amount of what we can, and will do. During the week when we alternate from being hypochondriacs to convenient phobia-holics to on our most hungover days—just plain assholes, we’re left with the days that we are Game Changers, very diligent, positive thinkers, students, aunts or uncles that ask, ‘WHY?’

WHY do the men and women in the video project such a skewed version of themselves? What if the built-in system that has educated us since a young age is how we have developed to see and place value to things like beauty and even ourselves. In what part of our education do you remember learning to appreciate yourself and recognize your values? Because it happened at some point. Personally, I can’t tell if this happened in my teens with my friends flipping through glossy magazines, or loooooong before at home, or when the first time a boy fell in love with me and made me feel beautiful. Can we pinpoint it? Probably not.

But here is a start:

Educating yourself in ways to recognize the value you possess, is Smart.
Allowing yourself to appreciate them, is Sexy.
Making the most of your physical features is—Smart.
Feeling beautiful based on what you define to be is—Sexy.

Remove the mask, life might just be better without it.Stephanie_M_web-1

Smart Choices,
Sexy Life,
Smart is Sexy

Who decides if you are beautiful? You or others?

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Xoxoo Beijo!

4 responses to “How Do You Define Yourself?

  1. Great post!! Thank you for making me think outside the box on this one and dive in a little deeper. Our media culture has unfortunately put too much emphasis, on the wrong priority. Beauty and confidence seems to be unobtainable, photoshopped and then fickle (yesterday’s news). You continue to break these steriotypes with Smart is Sexy. Thank you!

  2. Ahhhhh! So uplifting. I appreciate your post specially because its message opens our understanding onto all areas of life. I hope you make this topic a series of posts. Looking forward to more SmartIsSexy way. Thank you.

  3. Dr. R Titizian

    Amazing post, and so true…..I believe we create our future with the simplest thoughts we have in our minds which can be strong enough to verbalize then shared with the loved ones in our lives. These thoughts can be anything from physical, emotional, spiritual or superficial needs or deep emotional challenges the we overcome. Science has proven how our thoughts create ice sculptures in varies forms by simply thinking about what you see. This powerful processes is under utilized in our society as were are unfortunately controlled by social medias pressure of how everything is so perfect and everyone has such amazing lives……no ones see the truth of life challenges rather a superficial view which then reflects on “self” and creates negative self image.
    We to to encourage our youth to exercise intelligence and show Smart is so very Sexy!!

  4. Please get in touch with me!! Just devoured your entire website and although I myself am beauty and brains you’ve inspired me even more so! My name is Jessica Marie Munoz I work with the Miami Model Citizens and I’d love to talk to you about some opportunities if you’re interested.

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