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Put your Sexy Foot Forward

TED TALK- Amy Webb HOw hacked online dating

Is that a thing? Hell Yeahhhhhh, it is! They just omitted it from the Hokey Pokey lyrics because having too many sexy parts on our body would be too overwelheming for 3 years olds…naturally ;).

Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Carrots


Hello Smart is Sexy loves!

New week. New food to try!

I bet you never imagined that “fries” could make you feel so good and help keep that sexy figure? When the “fries” happen to be sweet potatos and carrots tossed in coconut oil and Moroccan spices like cumin, coriander and garlic then you can only imagine what else can be smart is sexy too!
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The Way She Moves

Stephanie Marinello 1

Photos by Shaun Honda

Hello Loves,

On my previous post here, I spoke about working with the lifestyle photographer Shaun Honda and mentioned our project together at the Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Well, with much anticipation the  photos are finalized and ready to view along with the video from the shoot!! I hope you are as excited as I am. It’s always interesting working as a model because the pictures that are being taken of you are very much a result of how someone is perceiving you at that moment and how they are able to translate that in the photo. As a model I see myself through the photographers eyes when I see their finished result. It’s always interesting to me. I can’t speak much from a photographers point of view working with a model but this is what Shaun said after working with me and my pictures,
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When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part II

After posting Part I many of you asked me why this theme, why a heartbreak.

Well…it’s not so much of a heartbreak but of a crossroads where we have or will reach in life when we must own up to our decisions. It’s something close and personal and just ours. It is a situation in which you must trust your instinct. Intuition doesn’t lie.
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When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part I

Hello Loves,

This post is for those who have been there before, felt the feelings of love but know that it is not enough sometimes, and it’s time to walk away.

This is for those moments when you recognized how you truly feel yet you were unsure what you must do, do I try harder? Do I wait it out?….We feel conflicted and tortured when we love someone but for some reason, only God must know Love is not Enough. It is the point in life when at this crossroads you must have enough respect and love for yourself in order to be able to walk away.
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