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Set the Mood

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Hello Smart is Sexy loves!

Today, is one of those days, for whatever reason that gets me thinking about the simpler things in life. I recently wrote about how to let things go and how they can affect you less if you consider every moment just a passing memory. Because ultimately that is just what they are. How they affect you is something else, and that is what we try and deal with every day.

When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part I

Hello Loves,

This post is for those who have been there before, felt the feelings of love but know that it is not enough sometimes, and it’s time to walk away.

This is for those moments when you recognized how you truly feel yet you were unsure what you must do, do I try harder? Do I wait it out?….We feel conflicted and tortured when we love someone but for some reason, only God must know Love is not Enough. It is the point in life when at this crossroads you must have enough respect and love for yourself in order to be able to walk away.
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