Wild Wild Kansas

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Photos by Evan Anderson

Kansas is a wild place….I’m talking wild, with gorillas, flamingos, hippos, turtles and chiggers….yup, grass has chiggers…if you don’t know what that is then I’m willing to bet $75 you’re not from Kansas!

Wild! I’m talking safari wild…they’re running around everywhere, 365 days a year like they own Wichita….and for $14 you can pretend you are friends at the Sedgwick County Zoo :).

I have a love/hate relationship with Zoos. On one hand I love them because of the knowledge, exposure and informational quality they provide….I mean when was the last time you had a stare down with the hippo or high-fived a gorilla, but then again at what cost is this to an animal? To be caged in an environment that is not your own, do they know better? perhaps, and perhaps not. But if you were caged eventually I’m sure you would realize, “Damn I might not know any better but I know that this sucks“.

Animals are incredible creatures, physiology and all. They are a great depiction of evolution and I think we learn so much from being able to see and watch them behave and for the lucky ones, to touch and feel them. Do I feel smarter after visiting the zoo…kind of. Nothing beats the opportunity to experience something yourself–  which is on another level than looking at pictures of the animal, especially if you are a visual learner. We’re fortunate to do that, especially at this zoo, since it is one of the largest zoos in the U.S, with about 2,500 different animals, 500 of which are different species from across the world. Crayyyy-zzzzzy!

But with all its glory and beauty and educational flare, I can’t help but feel uneasy when I see penguins waddling around in Kansas…well actually a $1.3 million dollar installment they built to mimic the Humboldt penguins natural habitat….good use of money? You tell me…. Steph 6DSC_0495 DSC_0493 DSC_0651Stephanie MarinelloDSC_0541Stephanie Marinello Stephanie MarinelloDSC_0501Stephanie Marinello Stephanie MarineloDSC_0535 DSC_0672 Stephanie MarinelloDSC_0634DSC_0677DSC_0534 DSC_0709 DSC_0419Steohanie 7

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What do you think about zoos? Educational heaven or animal exploitation for tourism? ouch…

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  1. I love this post! Can you just take me with you in your suitcase!? Hang soon, love!

  2. P.s – you’re looking very Jane Goodall with your new Gorilla friend!

  3. You are amongst of the fortunate people who had an opportunity to experience and somehow feel the life at the Zoo. Indeed, the animals are incredible creatures. And, intelligent too. Don’t feel bad thinking that the animals at the Zoo are sad and all because they are kept there, as they do understand their purpose and mission of being in a Zoo: To teach us the human kind to be “human”, compassionate, and respectful to each other. From their perspective, perhaps, we humans are the ones living on a cage. At least we behave as we are!… Great post! Best regards…

  4. Awesome blog…Like you said, its better to see in person, then in photos. But your photos definitely show exactly what its like being there on that sunny day in the Safari of a Zoo. Beautiful photos of the animals and of yourself. Keep up the good work Stephanie. Anxious to read the next!

  5. Great post! Very though provoking. I could argue that it only heightens the general knowledge of human beings. Humans learn how to appreciate the animals, ultimately offering protection as we understand their needs. Seeing a gorilla in person offers so much more of an emotional feeling that viewing a documentary or reading about them. This emotion could create someone to be so passionate about gorillas that they dedicate their life to protecting and conservation. I do see you love / hate relationship though! Thankfully some zoo’s (such as Sedgwick) take fantastic care of their animals and have beautiful customized homes for the animals to live a happy life. Now I couldn’t argue the same for some “zoos” that literally lock the animal up in a cage! Keep sharing – the Smart is Sexy!!!

  6. I can understand the argument of offering “adequate” home for the animals. However, how capable are we? At what extend do we understand the living creatures? Can lack of freedom be ever justified? Why the gorilla looks so sad? How many lives do we have to afford to leave in captivity? I sure vouch for freedom. Wonderful post and pictures. Next time open the gate for Ralph :).

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