What Image Do You Project?

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Good Morning Smart is Sexy loves,

It’s Tuesday and you’re ready to knock this week out of the park again.  Since the start of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia I can’t help but feel inspired by what each athlete represents – a level of excellence and recognition reached by talent, intelligence and exposure. The ultimate reflection that hard work with a goal, does pay off. So let’s learn from example and bring out our own power player athlete to the working world!

If people around you knew what you were working towards, would you get there faster?

Like an athlete, confidence in yourself goes a long way but we also need certain tools to get us to that Gold. Of course, feeling prepared curbs the feeling of nervousness that comes with talking to the Boss, presenting that project, nailing that deal but we could do one more thing….one small change that could open more doors. Before we march up and tactfully explain the reason why we need what we need– have you considered the image you project?

Now, now before you start yelling at me about all that whats-inside-that-matters crap, let me save you your breath — I AGREE, you’re right…under one condition, people make quick judgements and they don’t have time to assess if they are getting to know the real you, or just the bad-day you, the hungover you, the hungry you, so you may be saying it’s the product inside that counts but if no one ever picks up the package, no one will know whats inside. Everything you wear or carry in a business environment is part of your total image. If you rocked your presentation earlier, and now feel justified to earn more money/take a vacation/get that corner office, think about if you are doing more than just sounding the part?

“We all project an image. Have you thought about yours? If not, that may be exactly what other people see — an image of non-awareness.”

That is exactly the point — Are your qualities also being projected in a visual way? Are you giving off certain “silent signals” that could be counter-productive to your attaining your goals? The “Silent signals” we send into the room are made up of five things: the clothes we wear, our body language, our facial expressions, our posture, and our gestures. So why not make subtle changes that work for us!

Everything someone wears, is a decision they made that morning — nothing has neutral grounds. Your clothing is a non-verbal statement of what you are representing. Red is considered a powerful color because of the attention it draws. It works well if you are giving a speech but not as well if you want to be seen as a team player. Just like we represent our school, organization, or business as a collective team player, we also have individual needs. Place yourself in a position where they can be realized. You are a walking billboard for the goal you wish to achieve. Project that message — Do more than just speaking up. Make your silent signals work in your favor!

“Remember  that you are working for you. You’re working for your future. You have to put your future there and visualize it.”

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Smart is Sexy.

 Is success completely tied with what people perceive of you? (Reply below, I read every one!)

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6 responses to “What Image Do You Project?

  1. Killer!!! I believe the energy that you put in (or project) is also the energy you get out. Great photos and great message! You rock

  2. I never t

    • I never really thought of it until you posted about it. Does that make me less aware? Or perhaps I subconsciously think of the things that I do to project my desired image. Food for thought!

  3. Definitely these are factors to pay attention to. Good point brought by Sheila as well. Interesting to hear more perspective on the subject.

  4. Awesome imagery. Great topic.

  5. Steph,
    I am in the transition phase of life, AGAIN.
    Thank you for sharing these words while I look for jobs, go to interviews, and simply introducing myself to the professional world little by little.
    I am wearing red high top chucks today. I will walk with power!

    P.S. Happy Birthday love!

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