What We’re Reading in January

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Happy January my Smart is Sexy loves,

New month, new book! We know how it goes and if I haven’t convinced you completely yet to join me and Smart is Sexy yourself this year, I’ve got two reasons why you should – right here:  One and two. For those of you who have tapped into the power reading a book a month can have, tell me… how does your mind feel when it’s done? How does your body feel when you’ve flipped that last page, experienced those words, imagined the moments, learned something new….accomplished? Inspired? Intrigued? Creative? Eloquent and just a bit more romanticized….? Uhhh yeeaaaaaaaa! You gotta read them books!

This month’s book is different, intriguing and provocative and will challenge your open-mindedness…

This month I am reading: Confessions of a Sociopath, A Life Spent Hidden in Plain Sight by M.E. Thomas.

Written under a pen name, this book is a memoir that takes you through the journey into the mind of a sociopath. Mind you, not all sociopaths are crazy homicidal killers, or are even in jail for that matter. Some are called society functioning sociopaths. Let’s be nice and call them sociopaths even though the term psychopath means exactly the same thing. So what makes them tick and what does that mean for the rest of humanity if they live just like we do, law-abiding, high-functioning people?

Recent studies have revealed 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, that is higher than anorexia and autism. Oh so you’re not a serial killer? That still doesn’t mean you haven’t meet one. Only 20% of prison inmates are sociopaths, in fact the silent majority of sociopaths live freely and anonymously in society, holding down jobs, getting married, having success in things they do. So what makes a sociopath a sociopath?

Now there, there is no fun if I just answer that for you, now is there? Read the book and find out exactly how to spot one. There is a rough 17 step guideline that gives-or-takes works as a way to categorize a person as a society functioning sociopath. “Thomas argues that while sociopaths aren’t like everyone else, and can be incredibly dangerous, they are not inherently evil. In fact, they’re potentially more productve and useful to society than neurotypicals”. Use this book as a tool, a tool to identify a sociopath, could it be you? Perhaps the Sunday school teacher?

Are you a Sociopath? You tell me…

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Knowledge is power,

Confirm suspicions, debunk myths.

Smart is Sexy.

Curious? Would you read this book? (tell me, I want to know!)

Xoxoo Beijo!


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