Travel Smart is SexyTrav·el (verb)

Travel is one of the 5 key components of the Smart is Sexy Lifestyle. 

Traveling is an ingredient vital to understanding and learning your role and impact in the world. It pushes boundaries, shapes our ideals, feeds our souls, teaches us to value the intangibles only found if exposed to different worlds. With every new scent, every hidden gem discovered, and each new face acquainted we are one step closer to living a richer life.

To follow along look up the hashtag #TravelSmartisSexy on social media, or explore by category – featuring SMART Getaways, Love Letters from different cities, or Weekender Trips.

You won’t know the full effect of traveling until you do it yourself. So let me help to inspire the beginning of your #SmartisSexy travels by wetting your appetite, and making the unfathomable that more attainable. In this curated space there will be tips, pictures and first hand experiences to help make any trip your own.

Be seduced by the world, Make the most of it.

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