The Year to Conquer

Photos by Evan Anderson

Photos by Evan Anderson

CONQUER: verb \ˈkäŋ-kər\ to gain control of (a problem or difficulty) through great effort. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I thought I would introduce one word that we could be reminded of to embody in our mind and presence. A simple word, defined and empowered by us, in our everyday choices and decisions. For the first one, to kick start 2014, I chose CONQUER. A word I don’t think we hear enough. So this year, let’s make it our year to conquer something, small or big, but conquer it in the Smart is Sexy way.

2014 is chalk full of unknown moments, and how will we navigate them? Will it be by avoiding them, or by conquering them!? We cannot control another person’s actions or choices, so the best we can do and be, begins with ourselves. Let’s start the day with the word Conquer in our thoughts and lets end the day with the word Conquer in our dreams. By doing so we can experience both fear and excitement for the unknown, because what we don’t know won’t scare us. The Future is ridiculously scary, don’t get me wrong….but that is why we have to take it in small increments, maybe month by month in the beginning. And we can do it together, Smart is Sexy only works when we all believe in it…even a little bit. Conquering something, a fear, a bad relationship, a new move, only works if you believe in it first. This year we shall make it be the year of being ready to conquer the unknown, overcoming the obstacles and drowning the negative noise to find out what you are truly capable of.

So, a few of you have asked me, what’s my New Year’s Resolution? Here is to a year with plenty of unknowns, obstacles, shadows and light, but most of all — making smart moves, feeling confident and sexy in our own skin and conquering our goals and the negativity that stand in the way of them. Conquer it.

You get what you aim for. Let’s be champions.Stephanie Marinello 2-5 Stephanie Marinello 3-5Stephanie Marinello 4-4

This is the year to Conquer.

Smart is Sexy.

Are you ready to conquer whatever comes your way this year? What’s stopping you? (leave a comment below, I read every one :))

Xoxoo Beijo!


11 responses to “The Year to Conquer

  1. The thoughts and motivation that comes with it are much appreciated.

  2. Love the power word, thanks for the empowerment! We can do this, one day at a time! Thank you

  3. Welcome in the world of female conquerors, Stephanie! 😉

  4. Good word choice! It is nice to overcome by mental or good moral power.

  5. Self motivation begins with beleiveing in yourself. Thanks for the post it is a start for great encouragement.

  6. POWER! EmPOWERment. You are the best! Thank you for the strong meaningful word. I look forward to the next word! 😉

  7. This is so strong! I love it! You look like a sculpture! And the word choice is strong. We each have our fears, our troubles and we hope but maybe HOPE is not the right approach, we just have to believe in ourself and find that strength or god will give us that strength and we will CONQUER!!

  8. This post really resonates with me, last year was very hard for me for personal reasons, so it feels good to be reminded of the strength we take for granted. You make it look like the right thing to do, it’s a reminder to conquer and be strong. Thank you!

  9. Smart is Sexy! Xoxoxo
    I’m ready! Let’s do it! Conquer!

  10. Amazing, sweetie!!

  11. the most personally motivating, post I have read in years!

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