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Smart is Sexy for ALS

Thank you for nominating me on behalf of Smart is Sexy to help support and bring awareness to ALS. So naturally in true Cali style, especially being a company from Malibu, California – I took the challenge to where the sun, iconic palm trees and freeeeeeezing cold pacific water meet to show my support. As California continuously battles a drought we thought it would be smart to use the freezing ocean water for the challenge as to not waste any water while remaining authentic to the freezing temperature the challenge called for.
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Ashton Kutcher joins #smartissexy

If you didn’t hear it from me, here is your chance to hear it from someone else…

Main man Ashton Kutcher gave a shout out to #smartissexy at the Teen Choice Awards, if you  missed it check it out below and get caught up….take a listen, digest and join the movement. Cause I mean, cmon, Ashton just did!? Now who is next…YOU!
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