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How Do You Define Yourself?

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Good Morning Smart is Sexy Loves!

This 3 min video is an awesome experience to visually demonstrate the power of the brain. We may never recognize that we are short changing ourselves with the way we think—until proven wrong. So how will you EVER prove yourself wrong?
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What Image Do You Project?

Stephanie Marinello 7

Photos by Evan Anderson

Good Morning Smart is Sexy loves,

It’s Tuesday and you’re ready to knock this week out of the park again.  Since the start of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia I can’t help but feel inspired by what each athlete represents – a level of excellence and recognition reached by talent, intelligence and exposure. The ultimate reflection that hard work with a goal, does pay off. So let’s learn from example and bring out our own power player athlete to the working world!

When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part II

After posting Part I many of you asked me why this theme, why a heartbreak.

Well…it’s not so much of a heartbreak but of a crossroads where we have or will reach in life when we must own up to our decisions. It’s something close and personal and just ours. It is a situation in which you must trust your instinct. Intuition doesn’t lie.
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When Love Just Isn’t Enough…Part I

Hello Loves,

This post is for those who have been there before, felt the feelings of love but know that it is not enough sometimes, and it’s time to walk away.

This is for those moments when you recognized how you truly feel yet you were unsure what you must do, do I try harder? Do I wait it out?….We feel conflicted and tortured when we love someone but for some reason, only God must know Love is not Enough. It is the point in life when at this crossroads you must have enough respect and love for yourself in order to be able to walk away.
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