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Fashion Week, Next Stop Los Angeles?

  • LA Fashion Week 1
  • LA Fashion Week 3.5
  • LA Fashion Week 8
  • LA Fashion Week 10
  • LA Fashion Week 4.2
  • LA Fashion Week 4.5
  • LA Fashion Week 4
  • LA Fashion Week 5
  • LA Fashion Week 11
  • LA Fashion Week 12
  • LA Fashion Week 13
  • LA Fashion Week 16
  • LA Fashion Week 18
  • LA Fashion Week 19
  • LA Fashion Week 20
  • LA Fashion Week 21
  • LA Fashion Week 22
  • LA Fashion Week 23
  • LA Fashion Week 24
  • LA Fashion Week 25
  • LA Fashion Week 27
  • LA Fashion Week 28


You’ve heard it and you’ve seen it…Fashionistas, designers, photographers and attendees flocking the streets to attend shows and meet up in New York, Paris, Milan and now Los Angeles…even talks about Dubai too but what is this madness anyways?

Put your Sexy Foot Forward

TED TALK- Amy Webb HOw hacked online dating

Is that a thing? Hell Yeahhhhhh, it is! They just omitted it from the Hokey Pokey lyrics because having too many sexy parts on our body would be too overwelheming for 3 years olds…naturally ;).

KCAL Channel 9

Filming in Malibu, CA with KCAL Channel 9Smart is Sexy in Malibu

Stephanie Marinello in Malibu


Stephanie Marinello in Malibu 2

Smart is Sexy in Malibu


What We’re Reading In March

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

And we are back at it again my Smart is Sexy lovers!!

Firing our neurons, developing our vocabulary, becoming more eloquent, fine tuning our critical thinking skills and exercising our creativity. Amongst the many many reasons why we took the Smart is Sexy Pledge to read 1 book a month. Ha! Some of you laugh, because you read a book a week others giggle because you don’t remember the last time you actually finished a book! This is why we unite—to remind, support and promote a conscious choice to make a Smart is Sexy investment in ourselves. Leave your comments, sassy remarks, nerdlicious advice and adventure stories about the books you have read, are reading or if you have read this one:
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