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James Kendall Salon

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

So it’s the beginning of the week, let’s start off right…with a good hair day!

When I take the time to take care of my hair, I always feel put-together, as if i’m presenting the best version of myself. Something so simple gives me a sense of empowerment. When I know I look my best, I know I am projecting confidence and poise. Hair is universal, it is by no means just a lady thing, women might don more hair but it is still the most noticeable accessory on a man as well, why not make it a power tool. Win-win if you ask me, healthy hair and a confident swag…..game on! The only issue is, I don’t know how to do hair the way I like it but there is a solution for that…
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Behind the Scenes

About two weeks ago Smart is Sexy worked on a new project collaborating with a wonderful photographer –  Shaun Honda.

Shaun Honda is a lifestyle photographer with a beautiful method to capture the natural movement and expression through his lens. It’s raw, it’s fresh and non inhibiting. He’s flawless in professionalism and conduct. It was so much fun working with Shaun, I think I freaked him out more times than once, sorry Shaun! haha but I adored working with him, if you get the opportunity that he approaches you to collaborate, I would suggest you say YES or YES or YES! 
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Bali Treasures

Bali is the type of place that gets you thinking.

It’s strikingly different culture and language from mine contrasted with it’s near perfect weather and surf got me….well, thinking. Let me be honest…thinking wasn’t quite the mind set I had when I walked off the plane… initially first thing that happened was “Holly Sh**t that’s what cankles look like on me” when I happened to look at my feet after 24 hours of travel. Then I ate really good food, and that just made me happy and relaxed. After quickly realizing I could not pronounce any of the words any where and that internet connection was not reliable so not even Google translator could help me…I THEN realized how foreign of an environment I was in. Some unsteady acceptance followed suit….AND then I got to the thinking phase. Justifiable natural progression of events, no?


From Bali with Love

This gallery contains 54 photos.

Jonesin’ for a culture fix in a totally new city? I’ve got what you are looking for. In the spirit of off-the-beaten-path summer destinations worthy of our hard-earned vacation days and cash, I’ve got two words for ya — BALI … Continue reading

Born in the USA

Happy 4th of July Sexies!

For all celebrating Independence day in the States, wheather you are traveling to see family, or hosting friends from out of town, today is one of those days to take the opportunity to create and remember some wonderful memories. A perfect way to highlight how we can learn to appreciate what we have by experiencing new things. It’s a good way to establish a basis of comparison. You can do this in many ways, my personal favorite- Traveling.
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