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What Image Do You Project?

Stephanie Marinello 7

Photos by Evan Anderson

Good Morning Smart is Sexy loves,

It’s Tuesday and you’re ready to knock this week out of the park again.  Since the start of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia I can’t help but feel inspired by what each athlete represents – a level of excellence and recognition reached by talent, intelligence and exposure. The ultimate reflection that hard work with a goal, does pay off. So let’s learn from example and bring out our own power player athlete to the working world!

The Year to Conquer

Photos by Evan Anderson

Photos by Evan Anderson

CONQUER: verb \ˈkäŋ-kər\ to gain control of (a problem or difficulty) through great effort. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I thought I would introduce one word that we could be reminded of to embody in our mind and presence. A simple word, defined and empowered by us, in our everyday choices and decisions. For the first one, to kick start 2014, I chose CONQUER. A word I don’t think we hear enough. So this year, let’s make it our year to conquer something, small or big, but conquer it in the Smart is Sexy way.
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