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Simply Awesome Kale Recipe

Kale with Garlic and Ginger

Recently I made a post on the super qualities of this cruciferous veggie- KALE. I love kale, you can see that here. And as I promised here is a super-simple intro to cooking Kale that could easily stand-along as a side dish or a lighter main.
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His Name is Kale

Stephanie MarinelloYessss and we are pretty serious.

When I’m off on my date nights, now you know who it’s with. It’s with Kale.

Kale makes me feel smarter, healthier, I find that my skin radiates and I feel satisfied. PERFECT addition to my life I must say. Every girl should be made to feel this way, wouldn’t you agree?
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Smoothie Time

I’ve officially joined the smoothie/juice train, but not because it’s great to get that extra intake of fruits and veggies that we know we need but because it gives me a boost and it makes my skin look great! Not gunna lie 😉
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