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PROVOKE: Beauty and Brains

To My Smart is Sexy Guests,
You are cordially invited to
PROVOKE: Beauty and Brains
Chapter 2 of the speaker series
This Sunday February 23, 5-9pm
hosted at an exquisite private residence of Dr.Taheri cosmetics,
by actress Dominika Juillet.

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You Asked, I Answered

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Heeeeyyoooo my Smart is Sexy peeps!

A few of you have reached out or emailed me questions, and I realized you’re curious and I LOVE THAT! So let’s reveal! Here are some of my answers to the most popular questions. Wanna ask me more questions? Leave them below on the comments box so I can answer yours (I read every one)!
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So you think you know how to tie a shoe?

oh yeah? Is that so!  

Well let’s take this little life skill that we seemly mastered in kindergarten or maaayyybe at 10, either way let’s just pretend that tying a shoe is like your diploma from pre-school. Looks like you’ve passed!! Either way, Terry Moore has got a little something to tell you about your shoe tying skill, coming straight to you from his TED talk.
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Behind the Scenes

About two weeks ago Smart is Sexy worked on a new project collaborating with a wonderful photographer –  Shaun Honda.

Shaun Honda is a lifestyle photographer with a beautiful method to capture the natural movement and expression through his lens. It’s raw, it’s fresh and non inhibiting. He’s flawless in professionalism and conduct. It was so much fun working with Shaun, I think I freaked him out more times than once, sorry Shaun! haha but I adored working with him, if you get the opportunity that he approaches you to collaborate, I would suggest you say YES or YES or YES! 
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French Tuesdays

Hello Lovelies!

Where the Frenchie’s at?! If you speak French or would like to practice your french with other Frenchies in the LA area, check out French Tuesdays:


They meet about once a month in chic french approved places around Los Angeles. This month’s gathering of French kissers was at Nic’s Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills. This group meets in other states as well but take note that joining is only on a referral basis.
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