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Hello there Gorgeousness!

Tell me you have an instagram!?

One of the aspects of instagram that I enjoy and think they have developed really well, is the feeling that you get to travel with your favorite people. It is very visually driven and yes at times we have few people who think they are professional photographers with their phones because all those pretty filters can be misleading. But I love it! I love pictures and textures. Soft pastels and bold colors make me smile and the quotes make me laugh. My favorite is that I feel like I get to share the things I learn and enjoy as I travel and get smarter. Come with me! If you have an instagram, travel along with me Stephanie_Marinello and share as we learn things together.

Bali Treasures

Bali is the type of place that gets you thinking.

It’s strikingly different culture and language from mine contrasted with it’s near perfect weather and surf got me….well, thinking. Let me be honest…thinking wasn’t quite the mind set I had when I walked off the plane… initially first thing that happened was “Holly Sh**t that’s what cankles look like on me” when I happened to look at my feet after 24 hours of travel. Then I ate really good food, and that just made me happy and relaxed. After quickly realizing I could not pronounce any of the words any where and that internet connection was not reliable so not even Google translator could help me…I THEN realized how foreign of an environment I was in. Some unsteady acceptance followed suit….AND then I got to the thinking phase. Justifiable natural progression of events, no?


From Bali with Love

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Jonesin’ for a culture fix in a totally new city? I’ve got what you are looking for. In the spirit of off-the-beaten-path summer destinations worthy of our hard-earned vacation days and cash, I’ve got two words for ya — BALI … Continue reading