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Team Peanut Butter or Team Almond Butter?

peanut butter

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Peanut butter jelly time or almond butter jelly time?

Is it a new health trend? Is it for taste? A marketing gimmick? Which one is the better butter?


Muesli for breakfast, smart or not?

This week is hectic, this week is major, no but really, thiiis week we are making it happen muuuuuuch better than last week!

How are we suppose to do that without a kick ass breakfast? Breakfast is important, you heard it once, now you are hearing it twice, breakfast is a MUST. Breakfast gets your brain prepped for all those smart ideas and absorbing as much info as you can during the day as well as keeping the body silhouetted and metabolism on fire for that sexy shape.
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Simply Awesome Kale Recipe

Kale with Garlic and Ginger

Recently I made a post on the super qualities of this cruciferous veggie- KALE. I love kale, you can see that here. And as I promised here is a super-simple intro to cooking Kale that could easily stand-along as a side dish or a lighter main.
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No News is Good News

Leaving the doctor’s office, the clinic, the health center, you ‘ve heard it before…..”No News is Good News”. In other words, don’t sit by the phone and bite your nails out of nervousness….you will have only one left….maybe. Though the clinicians tell you this, this should not be YOUR attitude towards medical test.
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Liquid Gold

If you are not at Cannes, you just might be watching the beauties sweep the red carpet with nothing short of confidence and perfection that seamlessly fits right in with the picturesque town. So why not channel the Hollywood glamour and address the modern day muse within all of us…no? I think yes!
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