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What We’re Reading in January

Stephanie Marinello 2

Pictures by Evan Anderson

Happy January my Smart is Sexy loves,

New month, new book! We know how it goes and if I haven’t convinced you completely yet to join me and Smart is Sexy yourself this year, I’ve got two reasons why you should – right here:  One and two. For those of you who have tapped into the power reading a book a month can have, tell me… how does your mind feel when it’s done? How does your body feel when you’ve flipped that last page, experienced those words, imagined the moments, learned something new….accomplished? Inspired? Intrigued? Creative? Eloquent and just a bit more romanticized….? Uhhh yeeaaaaaaaa! You gotta read them books!
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California Snowflakes

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Snow in California!?!

Fat chance. You drank too much wine if you think it’s gunna snow!

Wintertime in SoCal may not snow like other beautiful parts of the world and we don’t get the enjoyment of everything looking like winter wonderland but what we do get, is only ours and ours for keeps!
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