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Set the Mood

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Hello Smart is Sexy loves!

Today, is one of those days, for whatever reason that gets me thinking about the simpler things in life. I recently wrote about how to let things go and how they can affect you less if you consider every moment just a passing memory. Because ultimately that is just what they are. How they affect you is something else, and that is what we try and deal with every day.

Born in the USA

Happy 4th of July Sexies!

For all celebrating Independence day in the States, wheather you are traveling to see family, or hosting friends from out of town, today is one of those days to take the opportunity to create and remember some wonderful memories. A perfect way to highlight how we can learn to appreciate what we have by experiencing new things. It’s a good way to establish a basis of comparison. You can do this in many ways, my personal favorite- Traveling.
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