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From Kansas with Love

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Wrapping up my trip in the Sunflower State, Kansas I wanted to highlight some places that stood out to me in the last few days I was there. A trip is never complete if you don’t get to Eat something or somewhere that just rocks your socks off, Relax because it’s your duty to mankind not to explode and Discover something new because you’re smart like that, and Smart is Sexy…zinnnnnng, yup I said it! So let’s discover together:
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Palms Springs

Colony 1

Photos by Evan Anderson

After shooting in Palms Springs for some exciting fashion shoots, we were able to sneak away and snap some pictures of my crazy Bali pants I walked in set wearing. The pants are unlike anything you would find in the US and so fun to wear, they remind me of my experience in Bali and how I need to continue discovering new things. I will link the post here, after I publish it. Then we caught up with Desert Daily Guide, one of Palms Springs unique online and print magazine to highlight  where I stayed, ate, played and explored on my quick trip. I barely had a two day break before I had to go back to work!
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From Bali with Love

This gallery contains 54 photos.

Jonesin’ for a culture fix in a totally new city? I’ve got what you are looking for. In the spirit of off-the-beaten-path summer destinations worthy of our hard-earned vacation days and cash, I’ve got two words for ya — BALI … Continue reading

Born in the USA

Happy 4th of July Sexies!

For all celebrating Independence day in the States, wheather you are traveling to see family, or hosting friends from out of town, today is one of those days to take the opportunity to create and remember some wonderful memories. A perfect way to highlight how we can learn to appreciate what we have by experiencing new things. It’s a good way to establish a basis of comparison. You can do this in many ways, my personal favorite- Traveling.
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