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Fashion Week, Next Stop Los Angeles?

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You’ve heard it and you’ve seen it…Fashionistas, designers, photographers and attendees flocking the streets to attend shows and meet up in New York, Paris, Milan and now Los Angeles…even talks about Dubai too but what is this madness anyways?

Going Places

Stephanie Marinello 8

Photos by Evan Anderson

Hello My Smart is Sexy Loves,

I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy moving recently but I haven’t forgotten about you! I finally got a chance to ride the metro that the city of Los Angeles worked so hard to build and I have to say I definitely liked it! It’s funny though, as an Angeleno our public transportation has always been like looking for your soulmate in vegas and our traffic like that friend that just doesn’t get the hint, that we approach something like the metro in a relatively excited way (whaaaaaat I don’t have to drive?!).  My friends and I took the metro to downtown for dinner where it can be a pain to park so it made the ride so carefree! On the ride over the topic in conversation became about our generation, the millennials — our desire to see more, do more, and become more I believe has defined our generation. But where does that put us? Are we super selfies or super accomplishers or superheroes in our own ways….perhaps all, perhaps none. Damn. One thing is true, success drives every human being to keep going. Beg to differ, comment below– I would love to hear your thoughts!
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The Way She Moves

Stephanie Marinello 1

Photos by Shaun Honda

Hello Loves,

On my previous post here, I spoke about working with the lifestyle photographer Shaun Honda and mentioned our project together at the Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Well, with much anticipation the  photos are finalized and ready to view along with the video from the shoot!! I hope you are as excited as I am. It’s always interesting working as a model because the pictures that are being taken of you are very much a result of how someone is perceiving you at that moment and how they are able to translate that in the photo. As a model I see myself through the photographers eyes when I see their finished result. It’s always interesting to me. I can’t speak much from a photographers point of view working with a model but this is what Shaun said after working with me and my pictures,
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Behind the Scenes

About two weeks ago Smart is Sexy worked on a new project collaborating with a wonderful photographer –  Shaun Honda.

Shaun Honda is a lifestyle photographer with a beautiful method to capture the natural movement and expression through his lens. It’s raw, it’s fresh and non inhibiting. He’s flawless in professionalism and conduct. It was so much fun working with Shaun, I think I freaked him out more times than once, sorry Shaun! haha but I adored working with him, if you get the opportunity that he approaches you to collaborate, I would suggest you say YES or YES or YES! 
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