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About Principal Architect, Marcia Marinello

Marcia MarinelloBorn of Italian  descent, raised internationally, Marcia Marinello is an architect that has made her mark in coastal design in Malibu. The houses that you fall in love while driving through Malibu that adorn the beach-side and sprinkle the hillside… Surprise! secret’s out! Malibu’s hidden architect will be contributing her thoughts on smart design, biggest inspirations and career advice right here on the blog! Get the behind-the-scenes from architects like Marcia Marinello on what makes Malibu a leading lifestyle destination in design and what makes good design so important to our lives.

How Do You Define Yourself?

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Good Morning Smart is Sexy Loves!

This 3 min video is an awesome experience to visually demonstrate the power of the brain. We may never recognize that we are short changing ourselves with the way we think—until proven wrong. So how will you EVER prove yourself wrong?
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Palms Springs

Colony 1

Photos by Evan Anderson

After shooting in Palms Springs for some exciting fashion shoots, we were able to sneak away and snap some pictures of my crazy Bali pants I walked in set wearing. The pants are unlike anything you would find in the US and so fun to wear, they remind me of my experience in Bali and how I need to continue discovering new things. I will link the post here, after I publish it. Then we caught up with Desert Daily Guide, one of Palms Springs unique online and print magazine to highlight  where I stayed, ate, played and explored on my quick trip. I barely had a two day break before I had to go back to work!
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Liquid Gold

If you are not at Cannes, you just might be watching the beauties sweep the red carpet with nothing short of confidence and perfection that seamlessly fits right in with the picturesque town. So why not channel the Hollywood glamour and address the modern day muse within all of us…no? I think yes!
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