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The Broot

Sometimes our hair needs a little TLC, more than the ordinary shampoo, rinse, deep conditioner, satin pillowcase…I’m talking about some fruits and veggies!!!

Whaaaa????? No i’m not drunk, I wrote that right. Guys can do this too, but hair long enough to pass your ears really benefit from it the most, so gentleman- with those gorgeous manes this is for you too, I’ve seen you! I don’t know where you are hiding but listen up too!

No News is Good News

Leaving the doctor’s office, the clinic, the health center, you ‘ve heard it before…..”No News is Good News”. In other words, don’t sit by the phone and bite your nails out of nervousness….you will have only one left….maybe. Though the clinicians tell you this, this should not be YOUR attitude towards medical test.
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Time to Move

Should I stay or Should I go?!

We’ve all been there– we’ve all asked that question. Whether its college, whether it’s time to move out, break-up, or travel.

This post is meant to inspire some wanderlust in your life and to motivate you to create the opportunity to travel. If you have to bum it–I say bum it! Don’t wait for that perfect opportunity or the time in your life when you have enough money. NO! GO NOW! This is something you won’t regret.
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Hello Santa Barbara

Note to Self: Small Indulgences are Worth It!

At the end of my three-day Santa Barbara getaway, my love and I made our way to the pier to soak in one last sunset. I don’t know when this started but growing up all I can remember are long summers at the beach or vacation beach trips filled with me eating ice cream. Yes, just me eating ice cream, no one else. Eventually a trip to the beach became synonymous with eating ice cream. Luckily for me and my bikini body– ice cream isn’t always readily available….a painful blessing in disguise.
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