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How Do You Define Yourself?

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Good Morning Smart is Sexy Loves!

This 3 min video is an awesome experience to visually demonstrate the power of the brain. We may never recognize that we are short changing ourselves with the way we think—until proven wrong. So how will you EVER prove yourself wrong?
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James Kendall Salon

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

So it’s the beginning of the week, let’s start off right…with a good hair day!

When I take the time to take care of my hair, I always feel put-together, as if i’m presenting the best version of myself. Something so simple gives me a sense of empowerment. When I know I look my best, I know I am projecting confidence and poise. Hair is universal, it is by no means just a lady thing, women might don more hair but it is still the most noticeable accessory on a man as well, why not make it a power tool. Win-win if you ask me, healthy hair and a confident swag…..game on! The only issue is, I don’t know how to do hair the way I like it but there is a solution for that…
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The Way She Moves

Stephanie Marinello 1

Photos by Shaun Honda

Hello Loves,

On my previous post here, I spoke about working with the lifestyle photographer Shaun Honda and mentioned our project together at the Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Well, with much anticipation the  photos are finalized and ready to view along with the video from the shoot!! I hope you are as excited as I am. It’s always interesting working as a model because the pictures that are being taken of you are very much a result of how someone is perceiving you at that moment and how they are able to translate that in the photo. As a model I see myself through the photographers eyes when I see their finished result. It’s always interesting to me. I can’t speak much from a photographers point of view working with a model but this is what Shaun said after working with me and my pictures,
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Kids these days, when they rock who they are as they learn who they are, they can’t be any cooler.

Hand it over to Esme, she is the daughter of Stila founder Jeanine Lobell and ER actor Anthony Edwards with a kick ass video message, she gets what smart is sexy is all about.
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Cool for School

Today was one of those day when you have sweet child o’ mine by Guns and Roses and pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard blasting through your speakers or iPod. One of those days where big hair and your boyfriends shirt is what you feel like wearing cause frankly you couldn’t give a F***. Remind you of anything……smells like teen spirit!
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