Kids these days, when they rock who they are as they learn who they are, they can’t be any cooler.

Hand it over to Esme, she is the daughter of Stila founder Jeanine Lobell and ER actor Anthony Edwards with a kick ass video message, she gets what smart is sexy is all about.

Sexy is more than what you wear,

Sexy is more than dressing the part,

Sexy is intelligence,

Sexy is knowing who you are and rockin it.

Who are you?



“Think we’re exaggerating? Check out this video, in which Esme expertly applies makeup until she looks 10 years older and overtly sexy, than proceeds to show herself deliberately choosing to look like the kid she is — in a patriarchy-smashing expectations-rejecting move that makes us want to be her BFF.” (refinary29.com)

3 responses to “#SmartisSexy

  1. Great message. I hope many of us take it seriously and celebrate who we are. Great job!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Marcia’s comment. I just wonder if Esme would’ve done the same if she was not the daughter of an actor.

  3. You continue to blow me away! Thank you for always proving that being yourself IS sexy! We live in such a world that being “sexy” is so fake and manipulated. Fake hair, teeth, lips, etc. Thank you for spreading the message that natural is beauty and being an individual is SEXY. Keep rocking it LOVE!

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