Put your Sexy Foot Forward

TED TALK- Amy Webb HOw hacked online dating

Is that a thing? Hell Yeahhhhhh, it is! They just omitted it from the Hokey Pokey lyrics because having too many sexy parts on our body would be too overwelheming for 3 years olds…naturally ;).

Amy Webb in her TED Talk makes a hilarious case for proving sexiness with data. Ya. you read that right, don’t be squinting as you keep reading this, who says data can’t be sexy?

Sexy is getting exactly what you want, and being Smart is making it happen.

Amy is gunna prove exactly just how she works her Smart is Sexy in her TED TALK video below.

We have all heard horror stories about online dating and even happily- ever after stories, but I know what ran through your mind there, “Yah, but are any of them even true!?” When it comes to love, I think most decide they will try everything once in our life for it. So let’s rethink our appproach towards this. It doesn’t just have to stop at love, but what if we approached anything we really wanted, like a passion, starting a business with the understanding that we write the rules based on what we know about ourselves. Perhaps we attract others proportionate to the amount of time we spent getting to know our own selves.

“What it means to you: There is an algorithm for love. It is just not he one we are being presented with online. In fact, it is something you write yourself. So whether you are looking for a husband or wife, trying to find your passion, trying to start a business. All you really have to do is figure out your own framework, and play by your own rules. Feel free to be as picky as you want!” 

-Amy Webb

Break the Rules,

Rewrite Them Yourself,

The Smart is Sexy Way This Time.

Amy Webb is a co-founder of SparkCamp, a series of weekend discussions about big ideas around media: from great new storytelling styles to making world change. Did you like the video? Do you agree with Amy Webb? Leave your comments and thoughts below, I read everyone!

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6 responses to “Put your Sexy Foot Forward

  1. Very captivating post. I agree with the video and I see how closely it correlates with the “Smart Is Sexy Movement”. The movement is re-framing the concept of Smart and the concept of Sexy instead of us accepting a preestablished one. It is cool to rewrite the rules.

  2. The Ted talk is very witty, Amy does a good job at making such a large idea seem more attainable. good food for thought – I really enjoy posts like these so keep it up! Thx

  3. This got me thinking a lot about how as we are young we think and obtain many more things because we don’t set our own limitations and how are own imitations may be holding us back without us even knowing it! What energy we could be projecting…oh gosh i hope mine is a good one and disney didn’t mess me up lol

  4. half the time I love disney and the other half I think it messed me up lol, good read and video! im interested in what others will say about it

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk!

  6. I wish to have known this movement and read this post way before! Very positive.

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