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Stephanie Marinello

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Saying “Yes” is a positive thing, anytime you open yourself up to an opportunity you are creating a space to learn something new and better yourself. Saying “No” is almost easier, it’s definitely safer –you stick to what you already know and what’s so bad about that?

No I don’t want to go out, I’m not in the mood to meet new people”, “No I don’t like seafood, sushi is weird, nah no thanks” “My friends are all busy and I can’t go alone, next time I’ll go!”

Are these legit reasons to say no? And now is not your cue to ‘say yes’ –I even give your cousin twice removed permission to slap out the doubt and criticism you just layered thick on yourself. Saying “Yes” is undoubtedly harder but you give yourself the opportunity to generate positive ideas. SAY YES. How would you know if you have what it takes to be Smart is Sexy if you don’t take a leap and say yes. How do you identify and embody ‘Smart is Sexy’ in your way? How do you make it yours. Let it push you to be a better person, pursue more things with more sass and more wit.

The question isn’t can you. It’s will you?

Stephanie Marinello

Write to me and let me hear how you connect and embody Smart is Sexy in your life and I’d be honored to meet in person! Nothing beats it when I hear it from my readers in their very own words, and Dillon couldn’t have said it better…

Do Not Accept The Quarter Life Crisis

When I first heard about ‘Smart is Sexy’ I thought knowledge makes you sexy. Simple, right? I couldn’t imagine how wrong I would be, and I will explain why. While catching up with a friend, I was asked what is new in my life and I began to talk about my career (which is not new almost 5 years at the same job) and my love life. I started talking about where I wanted my life to go, and the things I really wanted to do. Then it struck me, it soon became an epiphany rather than catching up with an old friend. I realized that I connected more with what Smart is Sexy stood for than I had guessed. To be ‘Smart is Sexy’ is not something concrete but like a river that flows over jagged rocks transformed into fine sand. Could I have already begun this journey without even knowing it?

I realized the “smart” are your dreams, aspirations, and the decisions you make in acquiring the things you want in your life. The decisions you make MUST ultimately lead to those goals otherwise you will be going in circles instead of forward. Life is about growing in knowledge, self-awareness and learning who we are—something that never ends.

The journey is sexy. If I were to look introspectively, as it stands, I would see someone living in discontent—unsure of myself. Living life in a state of discontent is not sexy. Taking on the perspective that the journey is what makes life sexy, you start to realize that the decisions you make now in order to acquire your dreams will change your future state of happiness.

What is strange is that even though I feel unsure and discontent at times with the state of my life; thinking about ‘Smart is Sexy’ and how it might apply to me has helped me target exactly what has made me feel this way.

Honestly, for the first time, I feel in control even if I cannot change things in the immediate future. This approach is helping me live more stress free and open, ready to meet new people and learn new things. I always thought things would come easy to me but that certainly makes life boring. Going after the unknown, challenging myself, and trying new things is all part of the ‘Smart is Sexy’ approach.

These revelations have led me to new and exciting things. I never would have thought to play instruments, now I am teaching myself how to play guitar. Learning guitar may take awhile but that is the whole point! To truly live life you have to put yourself out there in uncomfortable situations, or at least in situations that were previously uncomfortable. The point is to open your own door and create your own opportunities to enjoy this life. What is next for me cooking? Cliff Diving? All the things I thought as a child that would be fun but never took the leap (no pun intended).

The greatest part about all this—is that I don’t have to stop doing the things I have come to love or change who I am, I am just opening myself up to the world and learning new things that can only better myself. And who doesn’t want to better themselves?

Whether it is a new career, a new love interest or even a new hobby like surfing or reading, making decisions towards making those things happen will make your life sexy.

Whether you fail or succeed does not matter.

The journey is what helps us grow and helps us gain the knowledge that will undoubtedly help us succeed in future endeavors. Even though I may be discontent—the smart approach is to allow this to drive me instead of holding me back. In the past, I felt it to be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But now, I’m holding the flash light and leading my life in the direction I want it to go.

At first I felt I couldn’t take the step towards this realization, but with Smart is Sexy, you have to take a leap and believe you have what it takes.

That’s why as a young adult I need not fret about the quarter life crisis (or mid life crisis) and the mundane issues that may arise. The journey of love, fear, laughter and pain will define me into who I will become and how I am remembered. I must remember to apply the “smart” in my life, and it will surely be “sexy”.

Written by
Dillon Moore
Sales Representative at Micro Matic

Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello Stephanie Marinello

Smart is Sexy.

What does Smart is Sexy mean to you? How do you apply the Smart is Sexy in your life?

Ask us any questions you may have in the comments below!

18 responses to “Just Say Yes – Guest Post

  1. Love the post and love the idea how it connects people.

  2. Dillon M. Moore your amazing. I love “Just Say Yes”

  3. Such great advice and so relateable! All of my friends have doubted what they’re doing professionally and the life they’re living. I think kinder to ourselves, allowing ourselves to explore, and generally enjoying our own sexy little journey through life is such a great message!

  4. Great post! Totally dig the idea of exploring everything life has to offer and being as free as possible.

  5. Dude Dillon! So cool that you actually took the time to write this. It kinda helps validate the concept to me that it applies to more people than I originally thought. Like you said at first you didn’t think it was for you then you realized it. At first I was doubtful it was for me too but now you helped me realize so much! Thanks dude! Really loved your writing, keep it up

  6. Are you single?! Cause i’m smart is Sexy too!?

  7. I feel ya Dillon, and I am so happy you shared this. I might write something too, at least it gives me something to think about and to know I am not the only one feeling this way. Or not feeling it alone so thank you! Are you going to keep writing on the blog?

    • Olympia, i am glad i shared this as well. At first it was just for introspection. or so i thought! the more i wrote the more i realized i connected and it felt terrific to come to the realization that we are not as alone as we think we are. Put yourself out there and you will quickly find out there are a lot more people that relate to you than you think. I am not sure if i am or not but will certainly keep you updated.

  8. Dillon- do the people you surround yourself with help you stay positive and reach this conclusion? I read that if we want it or not the people around us affect us. Is this true for you? I feel like I need new friends 🙁

  9. Dillon, you inspire me. LOVE this article!

  10. This is so rad! Thank you Dillon for sharing how you are accomplishing the “Smart is Sexy” lifestyle. Every single person can benefit from this concept as everyone has something to improve upon. Thank you Stephanie and Dillon for providing an opportunity for me to self-reflect and realize how I can begin implementing Smart is Sexy more into my lifestyle!

  11. Say yes to the opportunity! Incredible!!

  12. The very last paragraph says it all. Couldn’t agree more. Thumbs up!

  13. Dillon gives an awesome testimonial for Smart is Sexy. His story is so relatable!

  14. THE JOURNEY IS SEXY, easily my favorite phrase of the week!

  15. Well now I know what the smart is sexy is where do I go from here.

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