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Hello My Smart is Sexy Loves,

I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy moving recently but I haven’t forgotten about you! I finally got a chance to ride the metro that the city of Los Angeles worked so hard to build and I have to say I definitely liked it! It’s funny though, as an Angeleno our public transportation has always been like looking for your soulmate in vegas and our traffic like that friend that just doesn’t get the hint, that we approach something like the metro in a relatively excited way (whaaaaaat I don’t have to drive?!).  My friends and I took the metro to downtown for dinner where it can be a pain to park so it made the ride so carefree! On the ride over the topic in conversation became about our generation, the millennials — our desire to see more, do more, and become more I believe has defined our generation. But where does that put us? Are we super selfies or super accomplishers or superheroes in our own ways….perhaps all, perhaps none. Damn. One thing is true, success drives every human being to keep going. Beg to differ, comment below– I would love to hear your thoughts!

I have a tendency that as soon as I accomplish something, or get recognition for something I did, I usually check that thing off my super ambitiously ridiculous list, and something inside of me definitely sparks with excitement and I optimistically, start to flirt with the idea that my list is in fact not unrealistically accomplishable but of what I can accomplish next! Similarly, each exam I take sparks a confidence in me that I can do better next time,  every time I leave a country or a new place it lights up a desire in me to visit another, and no matter how late I stay out at night, I still have the desire to watch the sunrise.

We all have it in us, the desire for something…something different, new, better that forms our dreams. That gives us a reason to wake up, be the best. It may be small or it may be so huge you have no idea how it is going to happen but that desire brews and only gets bigger once you kick it into gear.

Hold up so lets think about that real quick…. So what happens when you are the BEST? When you are officially (or unofficially) #1?

Being the “best” is synonymous to having achieved it all, no? — the perfect result, the perfect life….but that finish line to achieving that perfect vision just doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “best.” Nope. Nil. Sorry.You will screw it up, you will be celebrated, and you will feel like a loser and a winner all in the same day. And that will happen many times. One thing I have noticed, the people who succeed are those who dust themselves off and keep going because they’re not motivated by hitting their goals but by getting to a place where they can confidently and audaciously move the finish line further into the distance. To strive for a “better” each time.

If we just stop at the best, where will we end up?

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Keep asking questions.

Smart is Sexy.

If we just stop at the best, where will we end up?

Xoxoo Beijo!



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  1. GREAT post! I love the way you think.. Good questions that get me thinking too! What if “our best” is relative and we can always do better? Do we limit ourselves simply because we think “I did my best”? I think this CAN be a good thing as long as we still recognize that we ARE doing well. It could also be a negative thing if we are not enjoying the ride and caught up in the allusion that nothing is ever good enough. We need to appreciate the things that do well and praise each other on a job well done. For this I offer my praise, GOOD JOB – SMART IS SEXY!!

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