From Bali with Love

Jonesin’ for a culture fix in a totally new city? I’ve got what you are looking for. In the spirit of off-the-beaten-path summer destinations worthy of our hard-earned vacation days and cash, I’ve got two words for ya — BALI BABY!!!

Sometimes you just want to get off the grid–perhaps where internet just doesn’t linger long enough for you to do anything–that’s exactly what I did in BALI…

Thank you to John Fletcher for being amazing with your Bali knowledge

and being a wonderful guide 🙂

From Bali with <3

Travel More.

Smart is Sexy.

Photos by Shea Fletcher, Ranae Scott, Liz Wong

Xoxoo Beijo!


6 responses to “From Bali with Love

  1. Ahhh… beautiful and so much fun!

  2. Nice pictures !!
    It seems that you had a great time lucky ladies ?? 😉
    (Thanks Stéphanie for sharing the link of your blog with me)

  3. How nice of you to share with all of us. You just allowed us to experience Bali and its culture. I really appreciate it. I would not be able to do it otherwise. At least not in a near future. Thank you!

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