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Everybody’s looking for something

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

There you are, sitting with a moment of peace, while everything is changing all the time, and we keep wanting to pin it down, rewind it, fix it, hold it tight, No?
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The Way She Moves

Stephanie Marinello 1

Photos by Shaun Honda

Hello Loves,

On my previous post here, I spoke about working with the lifestyle photographer Shaun Honda and mentioned our project together at the Flower Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Well, with much anticipation the  photos are finalized and ready to view along with the video from the shoot!! I hope you are as excited as I am. It’s always interesting working as a model because the pictures that are being taken of you are very much a result of how someone is perceiving you at that moment and how they are able to translate that in the photo. As a model I see myself through the photographers eyes when I see their finished result. It’s always interesting to me. I can’t speak much from a photographers point of view working with a model but this is what Shaun said after working with me and my pictures,
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Behind the Scenes

About two weeks ago Smart is Sexy worked on a new project collaborating with a wonderful photographer –  Shaun Honda.

Shaun Honda is a lifestyle photographer with a beautiful method to capture the natural movement and expression through his lens. It’s raw, it’s fresh and non inhibiting. He’s flawless in professionalism and conduct. It was so much fun working with Shaun, I think I freaked him out more times than once, sorry Shaun! haha but I adored working with him, if you get the opportunity that he approaches you to collaborate, I would suggest you say YES or YES or YES! 
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The Broot

Sometimes our hair needs a little TLC, more than the ordinary shampoo, rinse, deep conditioner, satin pillowcase…I’m talking about some fruits and veggies!!!

Whaaaa????? No i’m not drunk, I wrote that right. Guys can do this too, but hair long enough to pass your ears really benefit from it the most, so gentleman- with those gorgeous manes this is for you too, I’ve seen you! I don’t know where you are hiding but listen up too!