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The Doctor is In

Headshot for Dr.Casey 2

Welcome Smart is Sexy peeps!

My name is Casey Eisenbach and I’m going to be your fellow doctor on call for the Smart is Sexy ladies and gents. I’m not just any doctor, but a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. It is vital to educate and empower patients to be active participants in their own care, and to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. I encourage my patients to ask questions about their health, because questions make their healthcare a personal journey. The integration of preventative care and overall health is an extremely valuable component of longevity.
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Smart is Sexy for ALS

Thank you for nominating me on behalf of Smart is Sexy to help support and bring awareness to ALS. So naturally in true Cali style, especially being a company from Malibu, California – I took the challenge to where the sun, iconic palm trees and freeeeeeezing cold pacific water meet to show my support. As California continuously battles a drought we thought it would be smart to use the freezing ocean water for the challenge as to not waste any water while remaining authentic to the freezing temperature the challenge called for.
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Just Say Yes – Guest Post

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Saying “Yes” is a positive thing, anytime you open yourself up to an opportunity you are creating a space to learn something new and better yourself. Saying “No” is almost easier, it’s definitely safer –you stick to what you already know and what’s so bad about that?
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How Do You Define Yourself?

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Photography by Claire Pearce, MUA and Hair by Annie Van Dyke

Good Morning Smart is Sexy Loves!

This 3 min video is an awesome experience to visually demonstrate the power of the brain. We may never recognize that we are short changing ourselves with the way we think—until proven wrong. So how will you EVER prove yourself wrong?
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PROVOKE, Will You Be There?

PROVOKEV1WKARDan Taheri cordially invites you to a night of beauty and brains as he hosts PROVOKE; the new speaker series from actress Dominika Juillet,

Provoke’s  first event featured TED, DAVOS bombshell Alexa Meade. This is Chapter 2, dedicated to smart glamour influencers,

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