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Slow and Steady, the Smart is Sexy Way

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Good Morning my Smart is Sexy loves,

This week with spring being in the air I wanted to venture out and tackle our first fitness health post since, well, we all know… the hotter it gets the less we wear! Who are we kidding! Definitely not the Smart is Sexy crowd, so to kick start our bods into beach-side shape I’ve enlisted the help of one of our readers, Liz, a Penn State graduate herself who has been personal training for several years now in Los Angeles. With her background and expertise I wanted to highlight the foundation that makes for a smart workout – not only the basic BUT key positions that should be regularly incorporate into a workout but the importance of your mental approach to working out on a day by day basis. Read and see what Liz has got for you..
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Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Carrots


Hello Smart is Sexy loves!

New week. New food to try!

I bet you never imagined that “fries” could make you feel so good and help keep that sexy figure? When the “fries” happen to be sweet potatos and carrots tossed in coconut oil and Moroccan spices like cumin, coriander and garlic then you can only imagine what else can be smart is sexy too!
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Set the Mood

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Hello Smart is Sexy loves!

Today, is one of those days, for whatever reason that gets me thinking about the simpler things in life. I recently wrote about how to let things go and how they can affect you less if you consider every moment just a passing memory. Because ultimately that is just what they are. How they affect you is something else, and that is what we try and deal with every day.

Muesli for breakfast, smart or not?

This week is hectic, this week is major, no but really, thiiis week we are making it happen muuuuuuch better than last week!

How are we suppose to do that without a kick ass breakfast? Breakfast is important, you heard it once, now you are hearing it twice, breakfast is a MUST. Breakfast gets your brain prepped for all those smart ideas and absorbing as much info as you can during the day as well as keeping the body silhouetted and metabolism on fire for that sexy shape.
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Simply Awesome Kale Recipe

Kale with Garlic and Ginger

Recently I made a post on the super qualities of this cruciferous veggie- KALE. I love kale, you can see that here. And as I promised here is a super-simple intro to cooking Kale that could easily stand-along as a side dish or a lighter main.
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