California Snowflakes

Stephanie Marinello

Photos by Evan Anderson

Snow in California!?!

Fat chance. You drank too much wine if you think it’s gunna snow!

Wintertime in SoCal may not snow like other beautiful parts of the world and we don’t get the enjoyment of everything looking like winter wonderland but what we do get, is only ours and ours for keeps!

A few days ago we shared such a killer sunset, it took my breathe away! The sky was on fiiiiire as if it had decided to collaborate with Crayola. No photoshop here folks, these pictures are all from the same sunset in Santa Barbara. California has what no one else does — Wintertime in Levis denim watching beachside sunsets…palm trees included and no frost bite!!

Observing the sunset and watching the light change the shapes and colors around me is captivating. The power of light can be such a strong visual tool. A sunset helps me fantasize, it’s shadows hide secrets and its about the only time the color grey is visible in nature. I am able to see the world modify as the lighting changes throughout the day, then at sunset I feel I can detach for a moment, take a breathe and soak in the softness that tempers the hard edges around me. Take a second and think about a candle light — considered to be the only type of lighting that is guaranteed to make anyone look good, but I mean real good —  alluring, like a painting but real, raw and sexy. Any romantic, fine dinning restaurant will want to light your face with candle light, where that bone structure and lips are guaranteed to leave a burning impression on anyone’s mind.

The power of light is like the power of perspective,

this is the beginning of everything you want.

DSC_1852 DSC_1881Stephanie Marinello SMS 2 Sunset 2 Sunset 3 Sunset 4 Sunset 6.6 Sunset 7 Sunset 8 Sunset 11

Collect moments, not things.

Smart is Sexy.

Why are sunsets so beautiful….every time? (Leave a response below, I read every one!)

Xoxoo Beijo!


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  1. Beautiful post. Well written and illustrated. I truly enjoyed and could not agree more. Happy Holidays to all. xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks!

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