About Principal Architect, Marcia Marinello

Marcia MarinelloBorn of Italian  descent, raised internationally, Marcia Marinello is an architect that has made her mark in coastal design in Malibu. The houses that you fall in love while driving through Malibu that adorn the beach-side and sprinkle the hillside… Surprise! secret’s out! Malibu’s hidden architect will be contributing her thoughts on smart design, biggest inspirations and career advice right here on the blog! Get the behind-the-scenes from architects like Marcia Marinello on what makes Malibu a leading lifestyle destination in design and what makes good design so important to our lives.

Marcia Marinello has earned a Bachelor in Arts (Cum Laude) degree in Design with 3D Computer Aid Design concentration and a Master of Architecture degree with 3D Computer graphics specialization, all from University of California (UCLA). Prior to UCLA, Marcia attended the renown SCI-ARC and also completed a year of Business Administration abroad at the prestigious Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Infusing her global perspective and refined perception in design, she is amongst the rare breed that can take projects from beginning to end with the sophistication of someone who lives and breathes the industry of design for decades. She defines architecture as an experience of excellence in the sexiest form.



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